The Elizabeth Jane Bivins Culinary Center

The Elizabeth Jane Bivins Culinary Center is a leader in food production. The Culinary Center opened in 2007, and has seen significant growth over the last ten years.

Today, the kitchens at the Culinary Center provide nutritious and satisfying meals to the residents of BivinsPointe and their guests. As part of the Foundation’s commitment to serving the Panhandle community, the Culinary Center partners with local agencies and foundations to provide healthy hot meals to hungry seniors in our community.

The Elizabeth Jane Bivins state-of-the-art food production kitchen also utilizes “cook-chill” technology to deliver a variety of meal solutions to businesses and institutions.

Most recently, the Center launched NINETEEN49 Catering, proving an opportunity to serve the large community at heart. NINETEEN49 Catering is known for making weddings, rehearsals, social events, corporate functions, meetings and more, large and small, as successful as possible.

Dignity.  Independence.  Self-Worth.  Good Health.

EJB Culinary Center | 6700 Killgore | Amarillo, TX | 79106
(806) 350-7580